An elderly aunt wrote a wonderful poem supporting her non-binary nibling and became an Internet star


Theo Nicole Lorenz, a non-binary writer and artist who lives in Minnesota, tweeted that their 73-year-old aunt wrote a poem about gender-neutral pronouns and introduced it in the writing group in her church. Theo Nicole knows that they were an inspiration for the poem, so they shared it with their Twitter followers. The poem reads:

This person I know
Wants to be called they.
It could bring us much closer
To see them that way.
It’s a strange thing to think
And harder to say,
But they are so happy
When the effort is made.
For all the theys and thems
It is this that I pray,
We be kind and accepting
And just let them be they.

Chelsea Clinton, daughter of President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and board member of the Clinton Foundation, retweeted the post and responded with a comment, writing: “This is beautiful and wise.”


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