Kellie Maloney has completed her transition


The 64-year-old boxing manager, who began her transition in 2014, has had several surgeries but only now she has finally undergone gender reassignment. “I’m a fully-fledged female now. I had it cut off and replaced,” she told Kent Online. When Maloney, known under the deadname Frank, managed heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis, she already identified as a female but was forced to live a double life because coming out was dangerous for her career by then. At the time, she said she was living as a woman in Worthing, West Sussex, where nobody knew Frank, so she could live him aside and enjoy being Kellie, being herself. Maloney said she went to “great lengths to manufacture a masculine image” but struggled as a result of having to hide her identity, which led to three suicide attempts, but opening up about who she is made her feel relaxed and happy. Really, being who you are is one of the most complicated tasks in our life; it requires a lot of courage. But only if you brave enough to be yourself you can be truly happy.


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