The producer of ‘Carol’ accused Harvey Weinstein of stealing credits for the movie


The producer of celebrated lesbian film Carol has confirmed that Harvey Weinstein was stated as a producer of the movie only formally, he had no creative influence on it. Producer Elizabeth Karlsen has confirmed the words of Cate Blanchett that the disgraced producer is mentioned in the movie but not involved in it. Blanchett – who has spoken in solidarity with women who have accused Weinstein of sexual harassment – insisted his role in the movie was overrated. In a series of comments on Blanchett’s interview Karlsen echoed this, stating that Weinstein had no creative input and instead stole the credit and financial gain he received from the film. She wrote: “This is a frequent and frustrating misrepresentation of Harvey Weinstein and his role — he was a distributor who stole the producing credit (as well as the financial rewards) from the actual producers who sourced, developed, filmed and fully created the work as we did with Carol.” She noted that Weinstein has not been involved in the filming process and his company was only distributing it. The producer told The Advocate at Cannes that it is “frustrating when he’s referred to as a producer,” stating that she and screenwriter Phyllis Nagy had nurtured the film project for many years.


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