Harvey Weinstein handed himself to the police


Weinstein, who has faced countless sexual harassment, assault and rape allegations from high-profile women actors in the industry, arrived at New York Police station shortly after noon on Friday. He is expected to be fingerprinted and charged, before being taken to Manhattan Supreme Court,, according to Daily Telegraph. It will cost him a $2 million bail and will see him fitted with an ankle tag. Officially there is one charge against Weinstein in the state — actress Lucia Evans accused him of forcing her to sex. “At a certain point, you have to think about the greater good of humanity, of womankind,” she said. But it does not mean that Evans was the only one, so investigation continues. Weinstein is under criminal investigation in New York, Los Angeles and London. The movie mogul is one of many disgraced names that have come out since the #metoo scandal.


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