Immigration lawyer says LGBT people are rejected asylum because of stereotypes


A leading immigration lawyer has said that the Home Office is using gay “stereotypes” to deny LGBT people when they seek asylum. While the Home Office is tasked with hard-to-reach immigration targets, LGBT+ people are being asked inappropriate questions about their intimate life when they file asylum claims. Lawyer Daniella Cohen writes on the Electronic Immigration Network website: “There is also an over-emphasis, in refusal letters, of the applicants’ alleged failure to deal with feelings about sexuality or feelings of attraction towards the same sex”. She insisted that interfering in people’s private life is unacceptable in any case, but using the private information to refuse people in asylum and to discriminate against them on the basis of sexuality is rude, offensive and unforgivable. People are forced to prove that they are gay and if they are not reflecting the stereotypes (don’t cross-dress, don’t attend gay bars on the regular basis), the authorities don’t believe them. “It is obvious that an individual can be considered to be authentically heterosexual or homosexual in orientation without complying with certain given stereotypes,” she added.


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