Charli XCX is proud to feature on Rita Ora ‘s scandalous track


Charli XCX has defended controversial track ‘Girls’, saying Rita Ora had ‘every right to tell her story’ about her own experience of Sapphic love, neither she (Charli), nor Ora herself, nor Cardi B, nor Bebe Rexha wanted to offend anyone. It happened, they are sorry, but it does not mean that they regret about releasing this song. Charli knows that her friend Rita used to have meaningful relationships (with both sexes) and thinks that there is nothing bad that these relationships served as an inspiration for her songs, many singers-songwriters do so and they are not slammed for it, so why is Rita? “She really does have every right to tell her story because she’s not doing it from an exploitative viewpoint,” Charli added, noting that Rita had to come out owing to the backlash around the song, though she did not want to label her sexuality. By the way, she still refuses to do so, it is not clear whether she considers herself bisexual, pansexual or sexually fluid, but she had to say that the story is life-based and she is attracted to women, so she belongs to the queer spectrum, wherever she is in it.


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