George Takei wishes peace to a man who accuses him of harassment


The man who accused George Takei of sexual assault now say that some key elements of his story had never actually happened. In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey scandals, former Star Trek actor and long-time LGBT activist George Takei last year faced accusations that he sexually assaulted a former model at his own home in 1981. Brunton later claimed “I know unequivocally he spiked my drink” – but has now admitted that may have not been the case after an Observer investigation looked at several inconsistencies in the public accounts of the incident he had given. He said he did not remember any touching but still insisted that the sexual assault had taken place. Meanwhile toxicology experts suggested that it is unlikely his drink was spiked given Brunton’s account of alertness. One said: “There are drugs today that may do this, but they did not exist [in 1981].” Brunton appeared to accept this, adding: “It makes him a little less sinister,” but added that he did not consider Takei’s action as a crime, he just wants him to apologize. “As I stated before, I do not remember Mr Brunton or any of the events he described from forty years ago, but I do understand that this was part of a very important national conversation that we as a society must have, painful as it might be. It is in that spirit that I want folks to know, despite what he has put us through, I do not bear Mr. Brunton any ill will, and I wish him peace, » Takei said.


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