Lesbian love advert wins people’s hearts


Entitled “Now & Then,” the video advertising Las Vegas begins with a lesbian marriage proposal. ‘ Let’s get married !’ one woman says. ‘On what planet ?’ her girlfriend responds. “I’m serious. We knew we’d get married the night we met. We met here.” After a flashback to their first meeting, she adds: “Let’s get married here, tonight. It’s Las Vegas.”As they walk around the scenic city, the woman who proposed asks her girlfriend about her relationship with family, especially parents. She responded that she doid not feel they were proud of her because she knew that they saw the world differently. Her girlfriend says that she should ask parents about it directly before making such a conclusion. As the pair continue their adventures around Vegas, they stumble on a wedding ceremony. After some hesitation, her girlfriend follows her into the building – and burst into tears thinking about her family. Through tears, her girlfriend says: “I can’t – my parents…”“Call them,” she’s told. So she does, and after a phone starts ringing in the crowd, her mum and dad stand up. “Let’s get married!” she tells her soon-to-be wife. People were delighted with the wonderful advert, which has been viewed around 250,000 times.


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