BBC apologized for Demi Lovato’s same-sex dancing ant it brought them under fire


Appearing at the BBC’s ‘Biggest Weekend’ on Sunday, singer-songwriter Demi Lovato performed her 2015 hit Cool For the Summer dancing with one of her female dancers and telling the crowd to love whoever they want. However, during the performance, the BBC chose to show a message on screen apologizing for offensive content. Many fans thought that the BBC’s message was apologizing for the performance’s same-sex content and BBC faced a massive backlash. However BBC stated that it was not a thing they were sorry for: “All artists are reminded not to use strong language at any point whilst on stage as their set will be broadcast live on the BBC and an apology slide was issued during the performance that was live-streamed online.” So, referring to one of Demi’s hits, they are sorry but not sorry.


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