Canadian province allowed parents to remove gender from children’s birth certificates


In a ruling issued on Friday, the government of the Saskatchewan province of Canada responded to two complaints made in court to allow gender-neutral birth certificates for children on the parents’ demand. In 2014, Fran Forsberg filed a human rights complaint on behalf of her daughter Renn to have the gender on her birth certificate changed from male to female and later to have a gender marker removed. She insisted that there is no necessity in gender being stated in the documents and people must be aware that gender identity is a spectrum, not a binary category. As well as Forsberg, the complaint was made by non-binary teen Jordyn Dyck, who joined the complaint last year after being bullied by classmates for the non-binary identity. Dyck now hopes that having their gender officially recognized will prevent this. Their father Dustin said that the teen was overjoyed by the decision. The Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission took the complaints to court, but prior to a hearing, the provincial government of Saskatchewan agreed to the change to birth certificates which was confirmed by a judge. The decision now may set a legal precedent for other Canadian provinces, as well as potentially removing the gender marker on other forms of government identification such as driving licenses.


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