Gay man runs for snap election in Turkey


Hasan Atik will be running in the west of the country for a seat in the June 24 election as part of the left-leaning People’s Democratic Party (HDP), GSN reports. He revealed his plans to campaign for LGBT rights, even though it might be dangerous in the homophobic country, but the Turkish LGBT community needs it. Turkish society treats LGBT people like monsters and they need to stand up and say that this is not who they are. Atik said that he is “forced” to tell people he lives with HIV because HIV+ people in the country are facing even more discrimination and stigma. “In the Constitution, I have the guaranteed right to not share my medical information if I do not want to,” he continued. However, if he does not reveal it, he will not receive medical treatment. Turkey’s LGBT+ community is experiencing an intense crackdown on their rights.


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