Influential Japanese businesswoman Kazuyo Katsuma has a girlfriend


Kazuyo Katsuma, who was previously named on the Wall Street Journal‘s ’50 Women to Watch’ list, told Buzzfeed that she is in relationships with a woman, LGBT rights activist Hiroko Masuhara. She said that she had begun to realize her bisexuality in childhood. But the conservative Japanese upbringing made her believe that a girl loving another girl was something wrong, dirty, immoral and bad. She married, got three kids, but only when she met her current partner it made her stop hiding from who she has always been and ice on her heart melted, as she described it, even though it took a few years for her to accept it. Although there is no federal recognition of same-sex relationships in Japan, at least seven subdivisions have passed policies allowing partnership certificates to be issued to same-sex couples, while couples who marry overseas can also gain some level of legal recognition. Japan is further from total LGBT acceptance than European countries but it is much more liberal if to compare with the rest of Asia.


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