Jim Parsons wants to educate people about gender fluidity


The married gay The Big Bang Theory star opens up about his new movie A Kid Like Jake starring Claire Danes, Priyanka Chopra and Octavia Spencer. This is a story about Greg, Alex and their gender-fluid son. Parsons, however unbelievable it may sound, is now in his mid-40s. He is gay, he is married to the man he loves and he does the job he likes, but he had to fight for it, even with himself and his own complexes. Now he looks at the younger generation and sees that people are ready to be educated about those who differ from them, they are ready to accept everyone and to create a fully inclusive society. In a decade or two, Jim hopes, coming out as LGBT+ will seem unnecessary, like coming out as left-handed or green-eyed. Such people just love, they belong here and their features are neither good nor bad, just parts of who they are. “You get that impression that you’re dealing with a whole generation that has grown up thinking it’s not okay to slander people for being gay and more recently, slander people for gender fluidity,” added Parsons, “It’s a different world and it sounds like, quite possibly, a better world.”


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