Catholic school rejected children of lesbian mothers


Reverend Mike Oenbrink, a pastor at St. Francis Catholic School, in South Carolina, is alleged to have told two mothers their kids could not be accepted by the school and did not hide that their sexuality was the reason of denial, as it would give ‘a wrong message to other families’. “My children are being banned because of who I am,” said one of the discriminated mothers, adding that people may not like who she is but it is not something her children should be responsible for. According to Oenbrink, the children were refused because of the fact that the two women were married to one another, the school is not against gay people but against same-sex marriages. “We reaffirm the dignity of all human beings, regardless of their beliefs. At the same time, our Catholic schools exist not only to promote academic excellence, but also to build a community of faith and prayer,” Rev. Oenbrink said in a statement. “Based on Biblical and traditional teachings, we believe that God wills marriage to be a vowed, loving union between a man and a woman.”


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