Lesbian and bi women don’t have the necessary mental health treatment, study says


The study, published on May 15 in the peer-reviewed BJGP Open journal, involved researchers from five universities in Australia, surveying 500 women and figuring out that women attracted to women are more likely to have mental health disorders and addictions to alcohol. But in contrast they are less likely to get treated from these problems, as it is usually harder for them to apply for treatment when they need it, they cannot open up about their situation. Out of the 521 lesbian, bisexual and sexually fluid women (the latter are defined in the research as mainly heterosexual females that admit attracting to other females, we chose the term ‘sexually fluid’ as we believe it to be the most appropriate for such a case) just 41.4 percent who needed mental health or addiction treatment had actually accessed support services. 70 percent of 18 to 25-year-olds in the survey also reported regularly drinking in excess of recommended health limits, with only six percent of these accessing treatment. The women assumed that it would be much easier for them to speak to those doctors who are aware of their sexuality,


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