Safeguards for LGBT refugees are rejected by the Australian government


The Australian government has rejected calls to provide guarantees that gay asylum seekers will be able to stay in Australia without the necessity to come back to their homelands where it is illegal to be gay. MPs from the opposition Labor Party have called on the government to introduce safeguards for LGBT people in the asylum system, many of whom are persecuted and even killed for their sexuality in their native countries. According to Daily Mail Australia, a spokesperson for the Department of Home Affairs said: “Offering blanket protection to a group of individuals has the potential to encourage large numbers of un-meritorious applications from those who would seek to abuse the protection program to extend their stay in Australia”. He added that it would undermine people’s trust to the humanitarian system in the country and cause the redirection of resources. The claim comes amid debate over a resolution submitted to the Australian Labor Party’s national conference. If passed, the policy would automatically safeguard the rights of LGBT+ asylum seekers who come from countries that outlaw homosexuality- rather than forcing them to justify their fears of persecution.


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