Love, Simon deleted the scene featuring Colton Haynes flirt with Nick Robinson in a gay bar


To coincide with the home entertainment release of Love, Simon in the US, 20th Century Fox has released a couple of deleted scenes from the movie. In part, a scene featuring Nick Robinson’s character going to a gay bar for the first time in his life. In one of the scenes, Simon’s best friend Nick (Jorge Lendeborg Jr) drags him on a night out, but refuses to tell Simon where they would go. As they approach their destination, Simon sees that Nick plans to have a good time with his friend at at the Atlanta Eagle and feeling out of place given the leather-clad men walking around, immediately tries to escape. Fortunately, the club’s doorman comes to his aid by suggesting that their “twink” selves check out the slightly tamer bar next door. Another deleted scene continues to depict the characters’ evening as it shows them dancing – and Nick boasting about how many men are checking him out – when Simon is approached by an older guy played by Haynes. Haynes’ character Kevin explains that he mistook Simon for his friend beause they had similar hair. He then responds to Simon’s question as to whether that’s a good or a bad thing by saying that Alex’s hair is the only good thing about Alex and inviting Simon to dance. Simon joins the flirtatious stranger on the dance floor but when Kevin asks a waiter to bring them shots and the 17-year-old is asked to provide some ID, their meet-cute is cut short and he and Nick are chucked out of the bar.


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