Southern Baptists broke connections with DC branch for a refusal to suspend lesbian pastors


The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) alliance of churches, which is the largest Christian denomination in the US with more than 15 million members, is so radically anti-gay that it ejected the Washington DC branch because there are lesbian pastors who don’t want to leave. The District of Columbia Baptist Convention (DCBC) was forced out of the Southern Baptist Convention – after the DC branch declined to take action against two lesbian co-pastors of one of the churches. Calvary Baptist Church in DC had named Sally Sarratt and Maria Swearingen, who are a couple, as co-pastors in 2017. D. August Boto, SBC Executive Committee president, confirmed that, “the formal relationship between the SBC and the DCBC has come to an end.” Boto claimed the SBC would “consider resuming its relationship with the DCBC in the future” if it is decided to follow the demands and take action against the church. The Southern Baptists are renowned for preaching an absolute rejection of homosexuality, and not even denying that they were keeping a war against LGBT rights in general and same-sex marriages in part. The Southern Baptist Convention previously published a guide on how to avoid hiring LGBT people without breaking non-discrimination laws.


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