Crowdfunder is slammed for transphobia


Trans rights campaigners have rebuked a “deeply transphobic” Crowdfunder page set up by a group of parents concerned by “the current trend to diagnose ‘gender non-conforming’ children as transgender.” The activists are calling on the Department of Education criticized rising money for a pamphlet about so-called “Transgender trend”, which includes “testimonies from young people who have desisted or detransitioned,” alongside comments from one teacher “who has witnessed the increase in the number of young people identifying as ‘trans’ in their school.” This guidance, the fundraiser page adds, also includes a statement from the Lesbian Rights Alliance, which is known for its trans-exclusionary views. A recent event by the Lesbian Rights Alliance on Eventbrite was called “Transgenderism and Lesbian Erasure.” Speaking to PinkNews, Owl, a non-binary trans activist and filmmaker, said that such a guidance is not helpful or supportive, it is just hateful. Meanwhile, Fox Fisher, a non-binary trans activist and filmmaker, described the fundraiser as “deeply troubling” and made a “plea to the Department of Education to have this fundraiser rebuked” as it would only harm the category of students that requires to be supported.


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