Italy’s new Minister for Family denies that same-sex families exist


Italy’s new Families minister has insisted that from the point of view of Italian law there is no such concept as a same-sex family. In a tense interview with Italian-language newspaper Corriere della Sera, he said he was not homophobic and had nothing against gay people. Many of gay people are his friends, he says. He used to live in Belgium and that’s where gay community is really ‘powerful’, as he describes it. But he does not believe that they create families. To his mind family is a mother, a father and their children, his Catholic faith dictates him so. When the interviewer persisted with questions about how he would act towards children of same-sex families, he said: “Ah, for heaven’s sake! There will never be any kind of discrimination towards children. Measures to support children will be extended to all children, indiscriminately and irrespective of their parents.” The chilling suggestion led to protests from LGBT activists, who used the hashtag #NoiEsistiamo (We Exist) on social media to share photos of their families to make them visible for the minister.


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