‘Proud Boys’ leader Gavin McInnes abused a disabled gay man


The former leader of Vice Media stepped away from it and founded a pro-Trump white nationalists group. Media Matters picked up the clip from his show Get Off My Lawn on alt-right news service CRTV. In the clip McInnes ridicules Ryan Haddad, a man who featured in a HuffPost video about what it’s like to live with an inborn disability (CP) when you also happen to be attracted to men. McInnes said of him “We genetically are not attracted to the severely handicapped. My heart goes out to the severely handicapped, but part of attraction is based on evolution and breeding, and when we see someone who is severely handicapped, we go, ‘I won’t breed with you’”, adding that to his mind disabled people cannot be attractive and no wonder that gay men did not want him because all gay men were athletic and sportive (well, does he know all gay men?!). Let us add that Mr. McInnes’ attitude to people with CP is totally mutual — they probably don’t think that we could be evolutionary attracted to rude and abusive mockers. And by the way, Leonardo Da Vinci had CP and love affairs with men, these are not self-excepting concepts.


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