Writer Jilly Cooper says men have sex with one another because they are afraid of women


Jilly Cooper, an erotic romance novelist most famous for her Rutshire Chronicles books, said that the current political environment is not the best for men to have sex with women because women are accusing them of harassment for every single attempt to flirt. Men turn sensitive and cry a lot because they don’t receive attention. And as a consequence they fulfill the lack of it with one another. TV psychologist Jo Hemmings said: “Jilly Cooper is a legend, but maybe better sticking with fiction. Men may have had to learn a few new behaviors (and forget others) but being gay isn’t a passing fad in response to women being more empowered/assertive. I doubt there are ANY men who have had a gay affair as a result!” One more person, whom Cooper believes to feel the lack of attention is Germaine Greer, who has recently claimed that in most cases rapes were nothing but a bad sex. “I think she is wonderful, but she has got to the stage now where she will say something outrageous to get everyone going,” Cooper said of Greer.


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