Azealia Banks accuses RuPaul of ‘ripping-off’ her song


The outspoken music artist blasted RuPaul in a series of strongly-worded tweets, claiming the drag star’s song ‘Call Me Mother’ is a plagiarism ogf her 2016 track ‘The Big Big Beat,’. Azealia told RuPaul via Twitter to step a little back and fumerd : « You will take your razor bumps and pumps to the nearest laser hair removal clinic and seethe. » She alleged that the drag icon was now trying to contact her because she had started legal action over the song. Bank’s track ‘The Big Big Beat’ itself features an uncredited sample of The Notorious B.I.G.’s voice. She also claimed that ‘Call Me Mother’ would be “coming down very soon” from iTunes. The song is still currently available on the Apple platform, though it vis not available on Spotify. Banks was also banned from Twitter in 2016 after comments she made about One Direction singer Zayn Malik – who she referred to as a “faggot”, a “sand nigga”, a “d**k rider” . Zayn identifies as straight, and Banks herself is bisexual.


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