Bermuda’s court strikes down equal marriage ban


Bermuda’s Supreme Court has again struck down a law banning same-sex marriage. Same-sex marriages were legalized in Bermuda last year but half a year after that the government offered civil partnerships as a ‘compromise’ and same-sex marriages were actually re-banned. The Supreme Court has issued a ruling stating that doing so was against the country’s constitution. Gay couples will not be able to marry immediately, as the ruling has been stayed for six weeks and then the Government is to decide what to do next. Zakiya Johnson Lord and Adrian Hartnett-Beasley of OUTBermuda said: “Love wins again! Our hearts and hopes are full, thanks to this historic decision by our Supreme Court and its recognition that all Bermuda families matter. The verdict raises questions for the UK’s Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, who only in February assented to the passage of the Domestic Partnerships Act despite being technically able to intervene.


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