Bisexual singer Anne-Marie suffers from anxiety


The British singer-songwriter Anne-Marie has opened her heart in a new interview she has given in Dublin. The ‘Alarm’ singer attended the Irish capital to prerform as an opening act for Ed Sheeran’s ‘Divide’ tour show. The Grammy-winning hitmaker is a close friend of hers and they have a longtime experience of common work. In part Sheeran was a co-author of the song 2002 for Anne-Marie’s debut album ‘Speak your mind’ that was released in April 2018. In the interview the former karate champion revealed that some time ago she bothered about what other people thought of her and now she learns to ignore unconstructive criticism because if she reacts it will hurt her so much that she might die. She is a very sensitive person and every negative thing said to her is cutting deeper than a knife. “The thought of fame scares me. I’m anxious most of the day, it isn’t until I walk onto the stage and then the stage is just my safe place. I am an empath, so if I see a sad person I get really really low, but when you’re on stage you don’t really see sad people in the crowd so maybe that’s why I love it,” the 27-year-old says, adding that nothing cures her better than songwriting, because she gets bad feelings off her chest and empowers herself and others. Giving advice to her younger self, Anne-Marie tells herself to accept the times when she has struggled in the past as they have got her to where she is today.


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