Cardi B’s sister is bisexual


Social media personality Hennessy Carolina Almanzar, whose big sister Belcalis is worldwide known under the stage name Cardi B, revealed she is bisexual and she is in long-term monogamous relationships with a woman. Hennessy Carolina shared a picture of her and girlfriend Mel sharing a kiss in front of the Eiffel Tower on Instagram. She said that if LGBT+ people don’t accept the letter B in the acronym (many of gay people are biphobic, they believe bisexuality to be just a phase before realizing that you are gay) , then these people cannot speak on the queer community’s behalf. And sexual; desires should concern only people between whom they appear, not strangers. “Bisexual means you’re attracted to both genders. No matter what’s the status of the relationship or what you chose to do with that person … If a woman like to be in a relationship with a man but like to enjoy her sexual desire with a woman from time to time she can still considers herself to be a BISEXUAL!” Hennessy wrote. Her celebrity sister has the same point of view and sends support to her. “Yaaaasss HENNESSY said it louder for the people in the back!” Cardi tweeted.


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