Cossack Russian militia swears to patrol World Cup matches not to let gay men kiss


Over 300 Cossacks, an ethnic group of Russian paramilitaries will reportedly patrol World Cup games in the southern city of Rostov-on-Don, close to the Ukrainian border. The senir member of the militia swore to patrol the matches in order to protect the traditional values of Cossacks. Of course, they cannot prevent gay men from ‘inappropriate’ behavior, they believe it to be the job of the police, but if the police need some physical help dealing with gay men, they promised t0o provide it. Oleg Barannikov, a coordinator of Cossack volunteer guards said that volunteers will also be patrolling at the local airport and in designated fan zones in the city centre. In 2014, members of the protest band Pussy Riot were whipped and beaten by Cossack militia members for attempting to perform in Sochi prior to the Winter Olympics. Last month, LGBT football fans were “strongly” warned to not “publicly display sexuality” at the World Cup.


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