Supreme Court ruled in favor of a homophobic baker


The US Supreme Court has ruled that a state violated ‘religious freedom’ protections by ordering a bakery to serve a same-sex couple. Bakery owner Jack Phillips had launched a legal challenge to state anti-discrimination laws after refusing to serve gay couple David Mullins and Charlie Craig. He stated that his Christian beliefs did not allow him to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex couple. The Colorado Civil Rights Commission (CCRC) had ordered him to “cease and desist from discriminating against same-sex couples by refusing to sell them wedding cakes or any product [they] would sell to heterosexual couples.” However, according to the Supreme Court ruling that was issued the 4th of June Mr. Phillips was right. LGBT rights groups are afraid that such a decision could create a wider precedent for discriminating against minority groups, including LGBT people, and excusing it with religion.


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