Drag queen Monét X Change has lost all respect to Azealia Banks following her scandal with RuPaul


The controversial rapper has claimed via Twitter on Saturday that RuPaul’s song Call Me Mother” sounded quite similar to her own 2016 track ‘The Big Big Beat’, and she was not very polite in choosing words (though nobody expected it, it is Azealia Banks). Now, Monét X Change, who stars on season 10 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, has taken to Twitter to say she won’t be performing Banks’ music in the future. And Azealia showed her rude side again. We will not quote literally what she has said but the point was that she was not going to pay attention to the drag queen’s words. To this the performer replied that LGBT+ people are the key fanbase for Banks and her career would be damaged if she did not listen to their opinion about her. Following this Banks deactivated her Twitter account.


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