Indian moviegoers did not see ‘Love, Simon’


The watchers from India hoped to see the gay romantic comedy, but as they arrived to the cinema they discovered that the tickets were not available. Fans started to protest by means of social networks. One petition demanding that the CBFC release the film said fans have waited two months for the film to hit the box office. The petition reads that India wants to be a progressive modern country, which is virtually impossible as long as the minority communities, such as LGBT, are not represented on big screens and India is trying to run away from something that has been accepted and welcomed in the rest of the world. “It’s been more than 2 months and the LGBT+ community has been patiently waiting for the movie which finally gives the community some representation,” it reads, “India has lacked a mainstream powerful representation of its LGBT+ citizens for a long time. Although not Bollywood, this film could not only encourage LGBT kids to come out, but also educate parents about what it means to be gay, lesbian, bisexual etc. This film could have a tremendous impact on the country’s perception of what it means to be a part of the LGBT+ community.”


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