Stephen Colbert lashes out at anti-gay baker


Stephen Colbert perfectly lampooned the Supreme Court ruling in the anti-gay bakery case. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert lampooned the case by imagining a cake shop for heterosexual people only. The baker praised the court for making it possible for straight pastry industry to rise up. “How do you know our cakes our straight? Because every single cake features a guy doing it to a lady. Anniversary cake? Guy doing it to a lady. Graduation cake? Guy doing it to a lady. Grandma’s birthday? Old guy doing it to an old lady. We also have cupcakes with little guys doing it to little ladies. So come on down to Straight Cakes, where our motto is, no cake leaves the shop unless I’m aroused by it,” the baker joked. The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) had ruled in favor of Jack Phillips, a baker who was battling the Colorado Civil Rights Commission (CCRC) over his refusal to provide gay wedding cakes. Phillips claimed that Jesus Christ would discriminate against gay people, and insists his religion tells him to discriminate against gay people.


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