Train company gives an adorable reply to customers who are not satisfied 3ith Pride celebrations


The Virgin Trains East Coast franchise updated its online presence at the start of the month to mark June’s Pride month celebrations. They announced via Facebook that they have added rainbows to all their social media logos marking support to the LGBT community. Of course, some users were not satisfied to know it, stating that it would be better for them to focus on the service. But the company responded that supporting basic human rights does not exclude worrying about the service. The users went on saying that supporting LGBT is a task of specially-founded charity groups like Amnesty International. To this the company responded: “We don’t have to be a charity to be decent human beings David. We support numerous initiatives including CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) which tackles male suicides, one of the biggest issues we face as a transport company. We also have a large and diverse workforce and it’s important we continue to represent those who society has historically let down.”


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