Maplewood – the first New Jersey town with permanent rainbow crosswalks


Now it is possible for all citizens and tourists of Maplewood, New Jersey, to see the glaring installation of colorful rainbow crosswalks. Atlanta and Denver have already the same crosswalks.

The crosswalks were made on the 7th June and it became already an object of note in the town. Now there is an eye-catching rainbow on the four sides of the road intersection. For Dean Dafis, LGBT Township Committee member, it is really important. He states, that it is a symbol for all LGBT citizens in the town and moreover it’s a public safety benefit. ”All the drivers see it, slow down and so we just get this benefit out of it as well”, says Dafis.

It should also mentioned that Maplewood is town, where Pride held. So these rainbow crosswalks became a common feature of cities, especially during Pride.
All the Pride-visitors and other travellers are very welcomed!


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