The cutest way to surprise


It was an easy thing for Lexie Nobrega to come out to the friends, but do it to her closest relatives – grandparents – was really difficult. You can’t be sure if they understand and support you. Lexie’s Grandparents are from Southern Amerika’s nation of Guyana. According to Lexie’s words this nation is really homophobic so she can’t bring herself to tell the truth. The girl is just afraid of her grandparents’ reaction. “Though I know they love, they couldn’t accept me”, says Lexie.

When she was ready to tell her secret to her grandma, something had happened what Lexie did not expect. “I had to move to other city for studying. So I was in my room. My grandma came into my room and proposed her help in packing my things. Than some crazy thing happened: she picked up my bi pride flag and ironed out all the wrinkles”, explains Lexie.

She was really happy after thus gesture. The girl made a Tweet about it and it got about 11 000 retweets and 80000 likes.


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