Entertainment journalist Marc Malkin reveals he’s HIV-positive


Marc Malkin, who is well-known entertainment journalist in LA, made an Instagram post with the information, that he is HIV-positive. He found it out after doing AIDS/LifeCycle, which was his first experience. The LifeCycle is a bike ride, which lasts one week (7 days) and it starts from San Francisco and ends in LA. The San Francisco AIDS Foundation gets benefits from it. During the 15 years cooperation with riders the LifeCycle raised already more than 200 million dollars.

This news was made exactly on the LGBT pride day. Malkin said: “On his beautiful day I have something to say for the first time in such a public forum. I am HIV-positive.” It was not an easy thing for him to come out as HIV-positive, but fortunately Marc had friends, who support him every day so he understood it is already the time to say he truth. He knows he’s not alone. Today more than one million people in the USA are HIV-positive. They just live their life and they are happy.


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