LGBT inhabitants of the world’s largest and most homophobic refugee camp will hold an inaugural Pride celebration to speak on their human rights


Kakuma, the world’s third largest refugee camp, has recently become a scene of the first ever Pride celebration, launched by LGBT inhabitants of the camp. The infamous refugee camp is situated in one of the poorest regions in Kenya and needs a steady support from the UN Refugee Agency and other international communities. Kakuma is home to more than 200 refugees, who identify themselves as LGBTI. Many of them came from a neighboring Uganda – a country which has made news headlines all across the world after it tried to introduce a “Kill the Gays” law. In view of the fact that LGBT people often become victims of the homophobic violence and abuse at the refugee camp in Kenya, most courageous of them decided to speak up and demand a better treatment. Executive director of Rainbow Flag Kakuma, Mbazira Moses, is one of the main proponents of the inaugural Pride celebration, which is scheduled to take place at the refugee camp Kakuma on June 16, 2018. Among the announced events there must be a fashion parade, sports competitions, lip sync performances for trans women and much more. In order for LGBT celebration to take place against all odds, Rainbow Flag Kakuma has launched a crowd-funding campaign and eventually raised $1,500 to pay for the Pride festival. Moses extended an official invitation to all organizations and agencies operating within Kakuma. They include groups like the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and World Vision Kenya. But one of the organizations did not accept the invitation, stating that they don’t deal with LGBTIQ refugees, and asked Moses and his companions to leave the room. People did what they had been told to, feeling disrespected and emotionally ruined. Nevertheless, Rainbow Flag Kakuma plans to move forward with the inaugural event and to make it as fabulous as possible.


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