Ukraine’s first official organization that helps parents to become better allies for their LGBT children has launched its work in Kyiv


Reportedly, Ukraine is not the safest place for representatives of LGBT community to live, but it is surely better than in other former Soviet countries, as this country at least permits LGBT groups and organizations to exist and operate. However, those few who exist operate without any government financial support and often become targets of continuing attacks from far-right groups. Nevertheless, Ukrainian activist united their efforts and created TERGO – country’s first and only LGBT advocacy group. It has been operating for five years and this June, TERGO celebrates its 5th anniversary with a big deal. The thing is that Ukraine’s first official LGBT organization launches trainings for parents from former Soviet countries to help them become better supporters for their LGBT children. As far as parents from other Post-Soviet countries have no such a privilege to meet openly and discuss troubling issues, TERGO decided to bring them to Kyiv for a training workshop. LGBT organization wants to bring at least 3 families of LGBT people to a Kyiv meeting in June 2018, but their financial resources are limited. That’s why TERGO has started a fundraising campaign to cover costs for travel, accommodation of invited guests and to be able to afford organization of the seminar. It is estimated that LGBT advocacy group needs to raise €6,000 for all the expenses. If successful, TERGO plans further to invite twelve more parents from former Soviet countries and twenty-five parents from around Ukraine for events like this.


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