According to the survey results LGBTI teachers in villages at higher risk of mental health issues


In contrast to teachers in city/town teachers living in villages are under the higher risk of mental diseases. This information was stated by the UK survey. We cannot ignore the fact that more than 50% of the teachers who works in village schools have depression. Therefore, 46% out of these 50% have just stopped teaching. One more reasons for LGBT teachers of it is homophobia among their coworkers and other local residents. Even parents are sure that being gay is not compatible with teaching at ll. Many LGBT teachers are afraid of telling another about their sexuality. They receive a lot of comments like “lesbians/gays don’t become teachers”. Dr. Lee states that village teachers have often lack the opportunity to speak their identity and show who they are and it leads to low self-worth, depression and even anxiety. She would urge policymakers to take heed of this research and take action to protect and support teachers in villages where perhaps attitudes to LGBT people are more conservative.


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