Longest-serving Republican Senator gives compassionate speech for LGBT youth


Nobody had heard previously from Orrin Hatch, Republican Senator, less than kind words relating to LGBT. This Wednesday (on the 13th) Hatch has declared a compassionate speech in the United States Senate. This speech was about Pride month. ‘Young people deserve to feel loved, cared for and accepted for who they are’, states Republican Senator. Moreover, Hatch stressed that no one should feel less because of their gender identity or sexual orientation. This moment got already headlines in the face of the leader of his party, Donald Trump. It should be mentioned that the President refused to acknowledge Pride Month. To Hatch’s mind LGBT people deserve recognition. ‘These young people need us – and we desperately need them. We need their light to illuminate the richness and diversity of God’s creations. We need the grace, beauty and brilliance they bring to the world’, he continued. So Senator appeals to treat LGBT community with dignity and respect.


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