6,000 people march for LGBTI equality in Kiev, Ukraine


Yesterday, on the 17th of June, annual Pride parade devoted to the support of LGBTI equality took place in Ukrainian capital Kiev. About 6 000 citizens participated, what became the record number of this event. It is even 3 000 more people than last year. The nationalist group C14 wanted to prevent this march. Before the parade they tried to block the streets where it should happen. About 60 participants were arrested near the Opera house before the march started. Some officers were also injured. About 5 000 police officers worked here. They guarded this parade, protected parade participants and prevented the attacks. The entrance was possible only after metal detectors checkup. After the event all the marchers were afraid of going home as they could be attacked by the nationalist group in the city center or somewhere else. Despite of that, activists don’t lose their courage. They are happy because the Parade is growing every year. Svitlana Zalishuck, the member of the European Parliament, support this event and states that LGBT rights are not just important for the LGBT community, but for the whole country.


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