England endorses flying rainbow flag at its first World Cup match


The Football Association (FA) of England permitted to fly rainbow version of the insignia of the Three Lions. The main reason for it became the first World Cup match of England. All the soccer fans can see this rainbow flag on the 19th of June, when England will play against Tunisia. The design of this banner was entrusted to David Gwinnutt, but before making such design the permission of the Football Association was needed. ‘They have endorsed it. To create the banner we had to clear the use of the image’s rights with them. We will also be wearing specially designed scarves with the same design’, said Di Cunningham from Three Lions Pride. But the drawback is that there are not so much scarves and people will not see this banner everywhere because this edition is limited. Though banner was full approved by the FA, there is grave misgiving because of Russia – country, which has strict ‘gay propaganda’ laws. One gay couple has already become a victim of this propaganda. One of the men suffered a severe brain injury. But despite of such sad situation and fears, a lot of people still show their support for LGBT rights.


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