Vandalism of rainbow crosswalks in some of the Canadian cities didn’t stop LGBT people from installing more across the country


Once again, the newly painted rainbow crosswalk in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada has been vandalized. It happened just the next day after LGBT members of the École Harbour Landing School’s Gay-Straight Alliance have installed the crosswalk on the occasion of the Pride month celebration. Gay and lesbian students of the École Harbour Landing School only wanted to demonstrate residents and visitors in the Harbour Landing that LGBT people are welcome here and that they can feel safe, but instead, they have received a very unpleasant feedback in a form of black tire marks on the freshly painted rainbow crosswalk. It should be noted here that this act of vandalism was not the first that has occurred in Regina. Rainbow crosswalk was vandalized in exactly the same manner last year too. In 2017, black tired marks also appeared on a rainbow crosswalk in Alberta, Canada.

But in spite of all these annoying incidents, other Canadian cities are not about to withdraw the installation of rainbow crosswalks in conjunction with the international Pride month celebration in June. For example, the Pride Committee of Williams Lake, British Columbia, Canada expressed a willingness to paint their crosswalks in rainbow colors this year and has already received authorization from the City Council. The Pride Committee president Willa Julius commented: “We have long waited before revealing a desire to install a rainbow crosswalk in our city, if to compare to a lot of the communities around here. But finally, we understood that it’s just about time to express our solidarity with the LGBT community in Canada and worldwide.” According to Willa Julius, the installation of the crosswalk (including paint, upkeep, and a celebratory ceremony) would cost about €1,300, which has already been raised by donations from local businesses in the community and other fundraising efforts. The opening ceremony is scheduled for the June 30, 2018.


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