Anti same-sex marriage leader Arlene Foster to attend LGBTI event


The leader of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) Arlene Foster is going to visit event devoting to the LGBTI community in Northern Ireland. Last week Foster agreed to be there. Though she was against same-sex marriage at all at its recognition, she wants to recognize the LGBTI community. ‘It’s important to respect the diversity across our society and recognize that sexuality‘, declares Foster. She doesn’t understand why the DUP received much criticism – she denounces discrimination towards LGBTI people. ‘Just because we disagree on marriage does not mean that I can’t say that we value those who are LGBT in our society, and they should not be the subject of hate because of their sexuality’, says DUP’s leader. Moreover, she emphasized that DUP got support from many minority groups and she wants to show other groups the hand of their friendship. The main intention is representing the citizens of Northern Ireland reputation for being ‘the most kindest and welcoming people in the world.’ But in reality the situation looks otherwise. The Democratic Unionist Party has blocked attempts to legalize same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland. A lot of party’s representatives made different homophobic statements throughout the years. Despite of that, Foster believes in improving relations with LGBT community.


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