Ex-President of Ireland Mary McAleese will march at this year’s Dublin Pride Parade alongside her gay son and his husband


Mary McAleese is a prominent Irish politician, who served as the 8th President of Ireland from 1997 to 2011. While being a practicing Catholic, the woman has established herself as a strong advocate of social equality and inclusion, as well as an active opponent of the homophobia in the Catholic Church. McAleese is well-known for her “building bridges” policy and support for same-sex marriage, as she was actively backing it in the Ireland’s referendum on marriage equality. And during the recent conference, organized by a liberal pro-LGBT group We Are Church Ireland, ex-President McAleese has announced plans to attend this year’s Pride celebration in Dublin that is scheduled for June 30, 2018. The theme for the Pride event is “We Are Family”, and the politician says that she aims to support her gay son and his husband by walking side-by-side them. Furthermore, the woman added that her whole family, including 87-year-old mother, husband, siblings and other children are going to participate in the event. Mary McAleese said at a conference: “We are family and that is what we will be showcasing – showcasing Ireland at its absolute best.” Previously, former President of Ireland also stated: “The world’s thinking about homosexuality is changing and we’ve seen this in many countries worldwide. Many of us do not consider it to be a mental disorder, but believe it to be a perfectly normal human adaptation.” By the way, the current Prime Minister of Ireland – Leo Varadkar has become the Ireland’s first and the world’s fourth openly gay head of government at the present time.


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