Death threats for LGBTI refugees who threw Pride parade at Kenyan camp


Some refugees from the Kenyan refugee camp were threatened death if they don’t leave Pride celebration. Mbazira Moses who is one of the organizer of Refugee Flag Kakuma, made the first ever Pride celebrations at this camp. Kakuma Refugee camp is one of the largest in the whole world. He you can meet about 200 refugees who had to escape their countries where there are a lot of homophobic and transphobic persecution against LGBT people.

After the Pride celebrations two young people were violently attacked. LGBT refugees got a strong warning from other camp members. ‘What you have done has to come to an end. We have been quiet for some time. You have to leave the camp because you have spoiled our children and our religion’, say some of them. Moreover, one of the statements is really horrible: if these people don’t leave the camp, they will be killed. Now LGBT refugee should live in fear.


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