H&M bans trans woman from trying on swimsuit in the Philippines


The terrible incident happened with Bataller came just a week after H&M Philippines was spruiking its Pride collection on their website. H&M store in Philippines forbade trans woman to try on swimsuits. They call the reason for it – swimsuits might get ruined if men try it on. Paulo Adrian Bataller wrote about this on her Facebook. She tells that stuff of H&M store stopped her when she tried on swimsuit because she is trans. ‘Ending up, they didn’t allow me. As someone who works in the fashion industry, I am deeply disappointed. No one should ever be restricted in fitting or buying the clothes they want, regardless of gender,’ Bataller said. Paulo wanted just more understanding but did not get it. The seller has emphasized that Paulo is a man and should not try it on. It was really difficult to hear it because Paulo identifies herself as a woman. This what has happened showed the need for more effective anti-discrimination policies in the Philippines.


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