Leading foster care agency: ‘We really need more foster parents’


One gay couple from Grand Rapids, Michigan always wanted to become foster parents. Brian Dempkey and Jeffery Rundhaug began to host some students of exchange programs and only after that they understood they want to be foster parents. Men have already one son which they have adopted. His name is Israel (in the middle of the picture). Later they became foster parents for Grayson.

It should be mentioned that both men come from families where LGBT people and their rights were not supported. Couple recalls the moment when they met their son: ‘It became completely clear, the night that we met our son, how badly he wanted a family. He immediately started calling us dads.’ Men were not sure about the reaction of this boy when he realizes they are gays. But the boy answered: It doesn’t matter to me, I just want a home.

According to the statistics, there are about 14, 000 kids in foster care in Michigan. Foster care agencies are active here. And the main goal of such agencies is to help families in their homes to prevent children being removed into foster care.


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