Police storm Istanbul Pride with rubber bullets and teargas, arresting dozens


Many people came to participate in the Istanbul Pride in Turkey. But this event has no success as it was stormed by the local police. Participants were affected by the rubber bullets and tear gas. The governor of the city was totally against this event and had banned it last week. But participants agreed with police and the last moment and got permission to gather publicly to underline the importance of Pride during declaring the statement. Some people were sure they did not want to only hear this statement. Participants refused to disperse when police ordered them to. When police started to shoot plastic bullets and tear gas, many attendees run away. Others stayed there so they were arrested (about 11 people). One man was attacked by 10 policemen. Homosexuality is not unlawful in the country, but an increasingly authoritarian state has led to a crackdown on the LGBT community. But LGBT people feel support from some small local organizations that are always ready to help and protect them.


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