Rixon Ruas, a professional wrestling champion, has come out as gay


Nir Rotenberg, who is also known as Rixon Ruas, has recently stirred the public with the announcement that he was gay. In an interview with a media portal, professional wrestling champion admitted that he lives together with his partner and his two children in Tel Aviv and dreams about wedding. As a matter of fact, Rixon has become the first Israeli professional athlete to come out as gay. In his interview, Rotenberg said that he decided to publicly come out when he understood the extent of the social responsibility after becoming a champion. Successful gay athlete also added that if he had a gay role model in his young age, many fears would have been avoided. His friends in the wrestling league know already, as well as family, and now he wanted to tell the world. Israeli wrestler commented: “My goal is to use the wrestling platform to convey messages and to create visibility and representation of the LGBT community in a field, where it has not existed to date. Above all, it is important for me to get it to everyone, everyone on this planet that all our successes and achievements as a community are not self-evident and that we have much more to achieve.” Currently, Nir Rotenberg and his partner plan to get married and start their journey on becoming dads.


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