Drag kid picture used to promote fake Pride sponsored by pedophile group


A picture of an 11-year-old drag artist and model Desmond Napoles from New York was used in promotion of a fake Pride in Bend (Oregon). He is also known in Facebook and Instagram under the name ‘Desmond Is Amazing’. On the poster of the alleged Pride was pedophile group National Association of Man-Boy Love (NAMBLA). On poster with Desmond was also called on ‘bring the kids’. On the following poster the outfit of the boy dates back to the Pride parade in New York City 2015 and we can see him in a tutu and shimmering tank top. As it is mentioned on poster, Todd Nickerson, who is a self-professed pedophile, will give a speech during the Pride event. The first poster appeared on 23th June. One more ‘fake’ sponsor is also Human Dignity Coalition, but this is the real organization behind the Pride. Jamie Bowman, member of he mentioned organization, was shocked. He explains as he received a lot of photos and people asked him if it is real or not. Despite this annoying situation the Human Dignity Coalition takes part in the first annual parade in the city.


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